The Unofficial Archive

The Unofficial Archive: Printed materials from Vietnam. Matca + IC Visual Lab presents this exhibition at BOP Festival 2023 Within Vietnam, there is no place mapping a comprehensive evolution of Vietnamese photography. Due to historical conflicts and current negligence, different materials are scattered across multiple sites – from state archives to private collections – many […]

MPF Exhibition / Abandoned

MPF brings together the work of two photographers – Jill Quigley and Adrian Tyler – for a new exhibition exploring abandoned homes from Scotland and Ireland, as well as the household objects that lie scattered within them. Adrian Tyler’s Dust to Dust, presents photographs depicting the interiors of deserted buildings alongside images of worn and […]

The Caravan Gallery

The Caravan Gallery is travelling to Bristol for BOP 23, where their doors will be open throughout the festival weekend! Venture inside the little yellow caravan to explore photos and memorabilia from many of the photography projects they have undertaken since starting out in 2000. ‘We’ll have a sort of mini retrospective celebrating everyday creativity […]

The Sustainable Photobook

The Sustainable Photobook Publishing (SPP) Network install a pop-up reading room at the Paintworks Event Space for BOP 23, raising issues around environmentally conscious approaches to photobook publishing. The photobook industry has grown exponentially over the years, there are now photobook fairs and awards on every continent, as well as a broad range of publishers, […]

The SIM Project

The SIM Project install a mobile exhibition in the Paintworks Event Space for BOP 23, presenting over 100 glass and metal artefacts made by participants from countries including Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Senegal and Libya. The SIM Project gives tangible meaning to people’s virtual networks and explores how the images we create and […]