The SIM Project

The SIM Project install a mobile exhibition in the Paintworks Event Space for BOP 23, presenting over 100 glass and metal artefacts made by participants from countries including Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Senegal and Libya.

The SIM Project gives tangible meaning to people’s virtual networks and explores how the images we create and exchange through our smartphones map our place in the world. In a process which combines analogue and digital photography with jewellery making, participants create unique SIM-scale artworks to keep, wear and to be added to the collection.  

The  project is led by artist and anthropologist Liz Hingley with the support of Jeweller Sofie Boons and Frank Menger of the Centre for Print Research. It is inspired by and continues to evolve through conversation and craft with refugees and others who have experienced  displacement to shape new ways of sharing, valuing and archiving stories of migration. This chapter of the project is produced with Counterpoints Arts and supported by the University of West England. 

Read more about the SIM Project on their website here.

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